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Friday’s Faves


Welcome to the Friday blessing list and the Island Summer Series #2-6 – things I love about an Islandsummer.

1. Family Gatherings

An #Islandsummer  is filled with family gatherings.  It seems as if every Islander who lives “away” wants to come home in the summer.

There were birthdays, reunions, anniversaries and even a post-wedding party. My niece, Kate, was married last November to a wonderful young man from Louisiana. We couldn’t attend the wedding,  so we decided to have an Island celebration in the summer. Robbie and Dorothy hosted the get-together at their lovely home in Charlottetown.  It was so wonderful to finally meet Kate’s new husband, Christian, and celebrate their marriage.

2. A London Summer Birthday x two!

Our oldest son, Andrew and our grand-daughter, Kinsey, share a birthday. How special is that?! Andrew turned 36  and Kinsey turned 2. Wish we were there to help you eat birthday cake!! But I’m so thankful for facetime – we can sing Happy Birthday even though we’re an ocean apart. Miss you all so much❤

3. Roger’s first kayaking adventure!

Roger_kayak copy

He’s definitely more comfortable in the woods than on the water, but with a little encouragement from our water-enthusiastic friend, Graham, and me, he agreed to humour us, give it a try.🙂

Roger_kayak2 copy

It’s never too late to try something new!  (Now . . . I suppose I better start lifting weights because I have a feeling I may be given a chainsaw for Christmas😉 )

4. Perennial blooms. Despite the lack of rain this year, my perennials are flourishing.


I really love my window-boxes this year.


I always forget what flowers I have from year to year, so this is my reference shot for next summer.

5. And for my final favourite ~ something brand new! Josie started to play soccer this summer. What a hoot!


(notice Josie’s stylish teammate? She’s also an awesome soccer player!)

The best part?
A doughnut date with Nanny  after the game ~ at Tim’s, of course!

Thanks for joining me this week!

with love,

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FFF daisies2

Island Life, Island Summer series

evening walks


First of my Island Summer series ~ things I love about PEI in summer.

An evening walk on the North shore. The beach-goers have packed up and headed home. Only a few photographers left for the sunset show.



Gold-rimmed clouds – seagulls soaring –  crashing waves – breathe deep the salty air.


An inlet filled with amber light.


Quiet sound of waves lapping.

A peace-filled benediction for the day.

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November blessings

Welcome to a  November blessing list. Some find this month a difficult one. The time changes and darkness closes in early. Autumn leaves fade and fall to a brittle crispness underfoot. But there is always beauty to be found if you will look. And there are always reasons to be thankful. Continue reading