5 thoughts on “Island Loveliness

  1. norwester says:

    Blogging is good for the geography, isn’t it? But I’m at an advantage as I looked up P.E.I years ago. Of course one has to, if one reads much Lucy Maude Montgomery. Her love for the island just shines through.


  2. sparrow says:

    Gorgeous!!!If you ever do get to the Pacific you can swing by and see both me and norwester at the same time – we’re only an hour or so apart.Personally, I’d love to head out to PEI!


  3. Anonymous says:

    what a beautiful picture – you’re right, your friend is quite talented with a camera! you’re so fortunate to live in such a lovely place!


  4. HI NorwesterI’ve been enjoying your blog Cup of Grace. I had to look up Oregon on the map (I’m Canadian and an easterner…sorry!!) I knew you were way out west but wasn’t sure if your state was right on the ocean. You are! I’ve never seen the Pacific but hope to someday. Living on an Island it might be possible to take the sea for granted but I don’t. I love it! Walks, swimming, campfires, kayaking, sailing – It would be very hard for me to live anywhere but near the water. Thanks for dropping by!


  5. norwester says:

    How wonderful to have a beach to walk on! I love to take walks, but I have to content myself with the city streets. We have about a 2 hour drive to go to the beach.


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