13 thoughts on “wild lupin season

  1. I’ve never been a fan of lupines but then I’ve never seen them growing wild in a meadow like this. That is absolutely beautiful. Perhaps that is how they were meant to be grown, eh? Makes me think of our lives, when we’re where God wants us to be . .


  2. Simply gorgeous! Just love the multi-colors. Our lupins are so finished. (And there’s nothing as sad-looking as a field of lupins after their prime).


  3. What glorious colors! Your island’s ever changing beauty is so wonderful to witness…Thank you so much for sharing it with the rest of us!


  4. These pictures remind me of that children’s book, Miss Rumphius. My kids and I enjoy it so much, and I’ve been tempted to scatter lupine seeds since I’ve read it.


  5. The lupine are beautiful! I actually planted one two years ago, and I’ve never seen a bloom yet. It’s good to see these pictures to find out what might happen this year–Lord willing and the deer don’t nibble my plant. 🙂


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