6 thoughts on “Good company….

  1. Love the beautiful banner, Islandsparrow! And you remind me, I need to get me a sweet L. M. Montgomery book to read (have been reading new releases from Bethany House to review — I’m HUNGRY for something else!)


  2. Dianne – it’s a sweet albeit sentimental book – I read the whole thing in that time period. Funny how there are no interuptions from 2 till 4:30 :)*grin* – Thank you Allison!! Slowly but surely. I still feel so awkward with this new system. Sort of like trying to write with my left hand. I still haven’t figured out how to space my images on the navigation bar – I’d be embarrassed to tell how long I’ve fiddled with them… but hope springs eternal 🙂 I have another "plan" to try this morning.


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