Guess what I was doing last night?

Not sailing…

Rehearsal dinner madness festivities.

menu2Yes there was enough food! although when I overheard my sweet, soon-to-be-married, son inviting all of his buddies to “drop” in for the supper, I had a flash of insight into the Cana wedding feast dilemma and a new flood of affection for Mary and her understanding. We didn’t need to fill the punch bowl with water, but there was a momentary panic over the dwindling cranberry sauce.


Phew…as mother of the groom my major responsibility is over. I had so much help – best of friends and family cleaning, baking, decorating, serving and keeping me sane!

Now I just have to help my almost 16 yr old daughter get dressed in all her bridesmaid finery…which includes praying for no facial blemishes that appear overnight. 🙂

get my sons and husband into their tuxes and looking good,

and hope my hair behaves!

Forecast for tomorrow – sunny – 19 degrees C – light breeze.

Thank You Father

The pictures can be taken outside!


15 thoughts on “Guess what I was doing last night?

  1. I just read your 106 things, it was wonderful. I’m also a pastor’s wife, and will pray for revival on PEI. I love reading books too, I can spend all day in the library. I’m going to check out your favorites, and see what you have. Have a blessed day! Sending cyber hugs your way….I am also praying that you are rested and recovered from your eventful weekend.


  2. Your menu sounds varied and perfect! Something for everyone!Your son and his bride are in my prayers. Savor every moment of this so special milestone. Can’t wait to see the pictures!!((hugs))


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