10 thoughts on “I better get my guest room ready…

  1. JodyC says:

    I’d love to come to The Island. I’m reading "Anne of The Island" just now and am enraptured by the beauty of it.~Jody


  2. islandsparrow says:

    Born and raised here. An Islander – by birth and choice – my great great grandparents emigrated here from Scotland and Ireland.


  3. roberta says:

    The girls and I just watched a dvd of Tales from Avonlea the other night. You do live in a beautiful place. Did you grow up there or move there as an adult?


  4. Susan says:

    Last week I sent away for info on vacationing in PEI. I’ve always wanted to visit(well, esp since I went to high school in Alberta, now I live in CA. USA).And now you’ve fanned the desire even more.My tentative plan is in June. After I figure out my school schedule I’ll be looking more intensely.


  5. Gosh!! I didn’t really expect to have Mary’s commenting party to land over here – thanks for spreading the fun!


  6. Linds says:

    Hi… I am here from Owlhaven. What a lovely blog. I will definitely be back! I loved the 106 things about you. Great idea.


  7. Sarah says:

    The picture of the tree in full color…gorgeous!Thanks for joining the fun at Mary’s commenting party!Have a blessed day.


  8. Biologyfool says:

    Thanks for helping with Mary’s commenting bomb.


  9. owlhaven says:

    Thanks for commenting at my ‘party’!!Mary, mom to many


  10. Dawn says:

    The Ocean Sabbath was wonderful! Thank you for posting the link. I do want to visit PEI one day…


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