Of rain and remedies. . .

clouds.jpgI notice that Alexander McCall Smith has a new book out – The Right Attitude to Rain.

I haven’t read it yet but the title made me think of Diane right away. She has that attitude and I am trying to cultivate it.

We have had copious amounts of rain lately and even if it is not pouring buckets, the skies are sullen and overcast.

This bleak weather saps my energy. I feel just as dull and gray as the clouds overhead. I’m in complete agreement with bears and other hibernating creatures. My bed looks cozy and inviting and it is tempting to pull the blinds and tuck up under the covers with a few good books and a winter’s worth of chocolate. But I know, from experience, that’s not the remedy.

I was reading about the wedding feast at Cana in a devotional book the other morning. The writer began the devotion with the words

You are cordially invited
To share the joy of
A wedding celebration in Cana

As I read those words, this thought flashed through my mind “Lord, help me – I don’t want to go.”

An invitation to a feast with Jesus and I don’t want to go. I am too tired, dull and listless.

That invitation is extended to me every moment yet, even with many years of knowing Him, I still resist it when I am struggling.

Is it still the old story of the garden that makes me hide? Have I been trying to clothe myself in some kind of “got it all together” outfit?

Do I think that something else will work when what I feel is so clearly a problem of the soul?

Do I realize that I am completely accepted – whether sad or broken or restless or worried? Do I somehow imagine that He would berate me? Do I think that the King of Love would look at me and say “Oh this is the appreciation I get – I give you everything and you feel sad (or worried or angry or bored)?”

Do I not grasp that He loves me just as I am

just as I am

just as I am?

Have I not heard His call saying “I know all the reasons for your sorrow- great and small. I know your deepest yearnings – your desires – your longings to be more than you are. I know your weaknesses – your failings – your sins. I know them. I have loved you – I will love you – with an everlasting love. I am inviting you. Come here to the One who knows and understands – to the One who has the remedy for your soul.”

I have heard it.

I am hearing it.

Father – help me come to you simply – as I am – without pretext – ready to receive from Your hand all that I need – strength for today – hope for tomorrow. Let me find in You the light that outshines the sun.


5 thoughts on “Of rain and remedies. . .

  1. Joanne says:

    HEY! I just sat down with my tea after a busy day at the library and…As your blog was downloading, I noticed that it is different and pretty with a calm green and a lovely collage at the header! Well-done, Island Sparrow! (Kathie)I just love your ponderings and know that we all can relate!When I feel down or listless, it always helps to put my worship music on! I also have candles lit in my home almost every day and the scent is so comforting.You’ll need to listen to:Grace, like Rain! (Todd Agnew, I think)Cheer up, Kathie…I’ll bet you are missing your boys, especially as everyone is getting in the mood for Christmas!I will pray that God will bless your week with special memories and the kindness of friends and family!


  2. No rain here but incredibly windy. And wind warnings again for today. The way you feel with constant rain is what constant wind does to me. I just want to stay in bed with a good dozen books and constant supply of coffee with my fave creamer. But alas, the day calls. Thank God He is the one who gives strength and lifts us up and that it’s not left up to me.


  3. We’re raining here too, but I know it’s not nearly as much as you..We love to walk in the rain, unless it’s a torrential downpour. Sometimes just getting out in the fresh air is a pick me up!((hugs))


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