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What the rain brings…

Remember all that rain I was moaning about mentioning?

Well it came with fairly warm temperatures for November in PEI – around 16-18 degrees C. The norm for this time of the year is -2 to +4.

I was out for a walk, enjoying a welcome sunny break from all that sogginess. My camera buddy and another walking friend joined me. We came upon a little protected garden and were surprised to discover these…






These irises are a little confused…

Unexpected new life – maybe it’s a sign of revival!

Photo credits – Rinda Dean


10 thoughts on “What the rain brings…

  1. islandsparrow says:

    Isn’t that a sweet path k? It’s made with Island stones – we gather them on the beach. It’s such an old-fashioned look – I love it.Yes Donna – we do call it Indian Summer although we would call it that after some cold weather.We really haven’t had any cold weather yet although this morning there was a frost. We’ve had a lot of rain – but today is beautiful though – sunny and cool.


  2. Sometimes pictures don’t load for me in Mozilla Firefox but when I try them in Internet Explorer they work. Glad you were able to click and open them though.What about the other pictures Violet? Can you see them?Suzanne -were you able to see them the next day? Hope so.


  3. The garden looks just like spring, so fresh! Revival – what a great thought. (The pictures don’t load for me either, but when I click on them, they open beautifully in a new window)


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