5 thoughts on “I could say that I am into simplicity . . .

  1. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks Sue, Diane, Candy and Jody for sharing your ideas – I must admit that "natural" is what appeals to me most too. My husband and I just happened to be flicking the TV channels one night and stopped at Extreme Christmas….I couldn’t believe it – those homes were like carnivals. But the visiting children enjoyed seeing the all the lights. I think the little candles in our windows might seem a bit tame in comparison 🙂


  2. JodyC says:

    I confess that I am into "simplicity" and so for me to even begin reading 101 Easy Ways to Decorate was overwhelming to me. I think I stopped at #17 or so.Since I am not into the Christmas Clutter (as I call it) I focus on plenty of candles and natural greenery, pinecones and berries. I do not like "artificial anything." I sometimes take a tall pillar candle, surround it with fruit (small oranges/apples/cranberries — start with large fruit first) in a big truffle dish and tie a hefty red bow around it. Very jolly and pretty on the dining table. I enjoy making pine or spruce wreaths and then thread some fresh cranberries onto florist’s wire and use that to garland the wreaths. So pretty.We always celebrate Advent and so we have our Advent wreath with candles for nightly devotions leading up to Christmas. Our favorite tradition is chopping down the Christmas Tree in the Black Hills, about an hour’s drive from our ranch. It’s so much fun to go tromping through the woods in the snow to find the perfect tree.~Jody


  3. I’m not much of a collector, but I do love to collect Christmas ornaments. I prefer a natural looking Christmas, with beautiful berries like you picked, evergreens everywhere and the small lights for the tree. I really like finding bird ornaments. I place candles all over and actually like Christmas Eve best of all. A wonderful dinner. Softly lit candles. Lights shining from the tree, Handel’s Messiah in the background.


  4. Wow, that’s a treasure chest of ideas there! I haven’t done much out of the ordinary the past few years – just enough to make sure my hubby feels Christmasy. Several years ago, I did make a wooden bead garland and raffia bows with red wooden hearts in the centers for my tree. That was fun. Can’t wait to see your final outcome.


  5. I’ve just finished the bulk of my decorating. I’ll be posting pictures a bit at a time. I am going to go read those, because I am thinking easy would be better next year!!:)


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