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An Island Christmas

A busy week!

  • Choir Christmas Cantata – Jesus Christ the Hope of Christmas
  • Sunday School Pageant rehearsals – the big event this evening.
  • School Christmas Concert rehearsals – concert this week.
  • Did I mention Christmas tree trimming?
  • Christmas baking?
  • Present wrapping?
  • Even a birthday celebration . . .

    (what were we thinking??)



anne christmas.jpg

Anne would have celebrated an old-fashioned Victorian Christmas. . .

Check out this lovely site for Victorian Christmas traditions, recipes, hand-made decorations and so much more.


9 thoughts on “An Island Christmas

  1. Joanne says:

    It is a busy time of year!Blessings on your preparations this week!Thank you for sharing Anne with us…I bought her Christmas book at our local thrift store and have it on display in our home….lovely book! Thanks for the link!


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