oops! missed it!

Happy Belated Bloggy Birthday to me!!


My blog is 1 year and 1 day old!!

A whole year has gone by since I (oh. so. timidly.) posted this very first entry.

I want to thank you for being the most wonderful group of blogging friends – you have helped me, encouraged me, cheered me, sympathized with me, laughed with me, moved me to tears, inspired me and prayed for me.

I am so glad that you share this little corner of the blogging world with me. You are a blessing and I thank the Lord for each one of you.


17 thoughts on “oops! missed it!

  1. oops Bonnie – forgot to answer your question about the header – it’s actually a free screensaver but I thought it might work as a Christmas header – and it did after I resized it.I love the way the blues in the snow picked up the blues in my layout.If the cardinal had been a sparrow it would have been perfect!


  2. Only one year? It didn’t take you long at all to reveal what a classy, gorgeous, wonderful addition you are to the blog-world. I am so thankful that God brought us together.Happy Birthday!


  3. Joanne – you must have slipped in while I was posting – I’m glad you enjoy reading my blog.Candy, Violet, Bonnie and Sue – thank you for being part of my blogging circle. I enjoy reading your journals, viewing your pictures and sharing your lives online.


  4. Happy Blogiversary to you! I think there are quite a few of us who began at the same time as mine is Dec 30!I love visiting here and seeing the sights of your beautiful island! Your friendship is a blessing to me..((hugs))


  5. What a stunning entry picture you now have! Did you create it? It makes me sit and stare at all the details.I’m happy to have discovered your blog last year and look forward to reading more. You’ve encouraged me and made me laugh at times, too. Thank you.


  6. Islandsparrow says:

    Thanks Kim – your blog is always refreshment for the soul – I’m glad I know you too!Deb – thank you!!! It was your mention of blog birthdays that reminded me that mine must be near too – and I had missed it by a day! I’ve enjoyed your warm and welcoming blog – and your writing about your son’s marriage was such a help for me this year. Thank you!Diane – Circle of Quiet is a place in cyberspace but I want to tell you that when I come there I can actually feel this deep and quiet peace envelope me – your writing is a gift – it’s such a privilege to be counted your friend. Thank you.Maria – welcome!! I just popped over to your blog and was immediately caught up in your thoughtful post on spinach for the soul. I look forward to getting to know you better.Dawn – my ultimate crafty blogging friend – I am always amazed at your creativity and so much enjoy seeing what you will make next. I love the way you use up scraps and bits of leftovers and turn them into something new. It reminds me of Phoebe Gilman’s rendition of the tale "Something From Nothing" because there is always a story to go along with your creations.


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