24 thoughts on “30 years ago today . . .

  1. Oh look at you, a beautiful bride, in your lovely caped weeding gown. I love it’s uniquesness and high neckline. You are so elegant now as well.Happy Anniversary to you both, may you enjoy many years more as you grow together in Christ.


  2. I’ve been so busy with family visiting…but am so happy for both your wedding anniversary and your blogging birthday!! Congratulations on both! I didn’t realize we started blogging at the same time, and our wedding was also at Christmas time, ten years after yours. Are you a Capricorn too? (Just kidding!)Thanks so much for your sweet comments on my blog anniversary post–I am thrilled to count you as a blessing and a friend. May God pour out his favor upon you in 2007!Jeanne


  3. I didn’t stop in yesterday on your anniversary…so I’m wishing you a belated Happy Anniversary today. You do look beautiful! Congratulations on 30 years.


  4. Beautiful!! Happy, Happy Anniversary to you both. I got married at Christmas time, too, and it always doubles the blessings of the season. May this be the start of another 25 years together!! You looked gorgeous in both pictures, BTW.


  5. I am late but happy anniversary to you both! And how lovely to see the photos over the years. You both still look just as happy as you did all those years ago. Congratulations!


  6. Thank you everyone! Susanne – that is my wedding dress in the 25th wedding anniversary picture. Our anniversary fell on a Sunday. We were married in the church that we serve in now, so after church I slipped home (just across the road) and then scooted back in my wedding dress for some pictures.It still fits…of course it is a princess style. I still love the cape – and it has a lovely long train. Very Christmassy.


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