of boys and climbing . . .

A household of 4 boys, and one little girl desperately trying to keep up, was lively,

very lively.

Anything that could be climbed, was.

I’ve seen little boys sitting on the roof,
little boys perched in the tops of trees,
little boys dangling from barn lofts,
little boys waving from the belfry of this church …


so I suppose that this shouldn’t bother me

giant's causeway.jpg

james climbing.jpg 

Yes, that’s my boy in Ireland.

Climbing … 

A little prayer of protection, for both boy and mother, would be greatly appreciated πŸ™‚



19 thoughts on “of boys and climbing . . .

  1. What a guy! LOL! Boys sure do love to pull one over on their poor unsuspecting mom’s. Bet he never thought you’d plaster it all over the internet though. :vD Sounds like maybe you got the last laugh on this one.


  2. Looks like a beautiful place to give a mom the shivers! Boys. Gotta love em eh? I used to tell my kids that I was glad they didn’t tell me EVERYTHING they did. I am sure I would have been quite startled at times.


  3. *huge grin*oh, that’s funny! Funny, because I have boys too…and I can just hear the "mom, it was a joke!" …hee! I’m praying anyway. For both of you. They don’t know how hard it is to keep from throttling them sometimes.


  4. Eww… I do not like heights. I don’t even like PICTURES of heights!My younger girl used to climb everythin when she was a toddler – but only inside the house. Chairs, sofas, cupboards, the piano… Sigh. Now, at six years she’s not as bad anymore – and I’m thankful for that!


  5. Aren’t you glad you saw the picture after the fact and didn’t see the actual climb???I didn’t have boys…the Lord probably knew I couldn’t handle it…: )


  6. OH. MY. GOODNESS! That is one tough picture to look at as a mama. But then you sit back and look at all that is around him and what wonderful things he is seeing, hearing and experiencing. But geez Louise! Prayers said for both mother and son.


  7. Images of the children climbing the trees in the Sound of Music came to mind when I read this post. Climbing is fun! I love climbing trees. I had a favourite tree I would climb at uni. Childish, I know. People would walk right under me without knowing I was there. Praying for safe returns and peace in your heart.


  8. OH! I’ve never been there but when I saw the green, wind swept hills and the water I thought to my self: PEI looks like Ireland!And so it was.And my mother’s heart caught a bit when I saw the picture. I know what you mean about climbing boys–my boys were all climbers. It’s easier to think back to the climbs that were than the climbs more current. I said a prayer for you and your boy–that your heart would be calmed in Him and that your son would be kept safe in the Father’s Hand.


  9. Oh my! At least it’s beautiful country there.Funny thing, in my house it’s the girl who’s always climbing things and the boys are struggling to keep up.


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