13 thoughts on “my boys

  1. Wow! I am so impressed! They look and sound so good–the production quality of their video is amazing!I read all their bio info and it really does sound like they are headed for some measure of fame. I totally understand your comments in the older post about the worries that arise in a mama’s heart.In fact, part of me is still debating whether to show my two younger sons this video or not! It is such a hard business–success brings one kind of difficulty, failure another. My brother-in-law has dabbled with different bands and done a lot of songwriting over the years. He’s won a Jeff Award (that’s a Chicago area theater award) for best musical score, but other than that, success has been so elusive.But I will show them this…if only to inspire them in their piano study and eventual guitar lessons. 🙂 They both love the Beatles too–so they’ll like the look.Praying for your sons to hang tight with the Lord and be a light in a dark industry!Jeanne


  2. Thanks ladies for your sweet comments – I AM a proud mama – you’ll hear me in their concerts (which attract all ages) – I’m the first one hooting after a song. Fortunately it’s dark and they don’t seem to be too embarrassed.:)


  3. Very, very cool. As I watch my mother heart strings are pulled as I picture my own to boys someday, BUT on the other hand I am veiwing them as a much younger girl, that I once was :), and they are just so dang cute that I am sure I would have had their poster on my wall!!!!Oh and my hubby and I both dig the song and video!


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