10 thoughts on “Island winter . . .

  1. K – I had listened to that – it was incredible!! I love to listen to summer storms too. But the winter wind howling has a rather eerie and haunting sound especially at night – so i prefer to turn inward to the fire and music. Sometimes,in the daytime, we’ll get bundled up warmly and venture out in the middle of it. It is exhilarating but mostly I like to stay in front of the woodstove like Dianne – warm and toasty.Rachel – you’ve been here before haven’t you? Where do you folks usually go?


  2. It is quite chilly here, too. We have been taking small trips outside just so coming in seems that much warmer. Hot chocolate and baking cookies are a favorite around here. And I started a knitting project a couple of days ago-to do while sitting by the fire. It’s my reward for getting all my housework and homeschooling accomplished at the end of a day. :o) Our family will be making a trip up your way towards the end of May. We are already excited.


  3. Deb,I haven’t heard of Apples to Apples but we have a b-day coming up soon so I’ll keep it in mind.Susanne – I’m just starting it. I’ve heard a lot of good reviews.Just finished the hot chocolate Tonia – it was good.I like a nap on stormy day too. Didn’t manage one today though.Jeanne – It was really cold here but today the temp went up and our storm turned into freezing rain. I’ve heard good things about Catchphrase but I haven’t played it yet. We ended up playing Sevenup – a very easy card game. I was trounced.


  4. My, you are really getting some storms over there aren’t you? That picture looks very enticing. Blanket, fire, dog and a cat. What more could you want? (c:This is about the 3rd site I’ve seen mention of that book. Maybe I’ll have to go put it on hold at the library and add it to my ever growing list.


  5. We like our games, too. Our newest favorite is Apples to Apples. Also a couple of us are jigsaw puzzle fans, and stuck-inside days are about the only time those get pulled out. Our weather called for snow today, but it passed us by and the sun is out today. A reprieve. I’ll take it! Enjoy your time by the fire.


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