11 thoughts on “Winter quiet . . .

  1. thank you ladies – i’ll pass on your very kind words to rinda.t – i drive by that farm on my way to town every week. joanne – we’ll have to get after her!! I’ll pass on your message too 🙂


  2. Joanne says:

    Once again, a spectacular photo by Rinda! Is that photo taken on Point Prim Road? It looks so familiar!I can’t wait for the day to read on your blog, that Rinda has put together a seasonal photographic depiction of PEI…I’d buy it for sure…so would the libraries in our area(hint, hint)


  3. Deb – I was thinking of starting some posts entitled "A few of my favourite things". White barns with red trim is one of them. but the scene is so lovely and peaceful – so I had to name it "winter quiet"Jodi – Rinda is my dearest friend and prayer partner – and a wonderful photographer and the one who introduced me to kayaking – even among the icebergs. I thought she was crazy when she suggested it and now it’s one of my favourite things to do. She doesn’t want to do a blog but loves for me to post her pictures. You’ll find a lot of her work here.


  4. Who is this Rinda Dean, and how do I view more of her work?Seeing this photo I feel thankful for snow. That’s a rare declaration from a Northern Wiconsinite in the middle of February.


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