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One day late . . .

like a lion.gif
Winterstorm warning in effect.

Today..Cloudy with sunny periods. High minus 1.
Tonight..Cloudy. Snow at times heavy beginning this evening changing to ice pellets mixed with snow overnight. Snow and ice pellet amount 15 cm. Wind becoming southeast 50 km/h gusting to 80 late this evening. Low minus 2.
Saturday..Ice pellets mixed with light snow changing to rain and ending in the morning. Rainfall amount 2 mm. Wind southeast 50 km/h gusting to 80 becoming southwest 30 late in the morning. 


I know it’s actually March 2nd

not March 1st,

but I’m still hoping that

In like a lion

out like a lamb

holds true. 
I’m looking forward to these
 Artwork by Rick Mundy

9 thoughts on “One day late . . .

  1. love the cartoon :)and our good real winter only came at the beginning of Feb – so while I love crocus – I can wait a little longer. Snow and blue skies = Finland at its best!


  2. Unfortunately for us, March came in like a ferocious lion. We had tornadoes that produced fatalities in our neck of the woods (We are in the southwest corner of Georgia) Hope you all fare better.


  3. We DID get our leonine weather on March 1–a good foot of blowing snow. We’re making maple candy a la Little House in the Big Woods, and maybe later we’ll go outside and build a snow fort. :)Here’s to lamblike weather in a month!


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