Top of the mornin’ to you . . .

Rebecca is wearing the green this month – so I took this test for her.

I guess I’ll never get 100% – I don’t like Guinness and I don’t make a habit of swearing. But then neither did my maternal grandparents and they were more Irish than the Irish… My grandfather was a proud member of The Irish Benevolent Society and St. Patrick’s Day was the highlight of his year.

You’re 65% Irish

You’re very Irish, and most likely from Ireland.
(And if you’re not, you should be!)

4 thoughts on “Top of the mornin’ to you . . .

  1. Oh my…65%? I was only 5% with one question checked – the one about counting the times I had a tan on one hand! Even though Irish is in my background, nothing must have rubbed off on me! LOL!


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