Happy First Day of Spring!


PEI doesn’t much pay attention to first days of spring, or winter, for that matter.

 -5 C. (23 F) temperatures and a brisk north wind attest to that.

However …

The sun is shining beautifully!!! 


although these daffodils are not actually blooming yet,

the little green shoots are peeking out of the ground!

 Click on the flower link below for a special springtime blessing just for you!


Photo credit Rinda Dean 


7 thoughts on “Happy First Day of Spring!

  1. Hi Kathryn–So good to catch up here–it’s a breath of fresh air tasting of spring! It was rainy and gloomy for the first day of spring here.I love Psalm 23 below; I may want to post that on my blog, with a link here! OK? (You don’t have to reply unless you have objections.)Blessings–Jeanne


  2. That was lovely! Happy Spring to you too! Spring is bizarre around here. This morning the sky was bright and sunny, not a cloud and 2 hours away it was white out blizzarding! Weird.


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