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A large day . . .

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying reading all the springtime posts around the blogosphere.

The silver maples are budding at  Dawn’s.

Frogs are croaking and sap is running at Ann V’s.

 Out in Violet’s British Columbia, it’s blossom time.

Eija is sipping her coffee outside in the garden.

And Randi, well she and a whole lot of others, are reminding me of one aspect of spring that I thoroughly enjoy …

when it is done.


Here on the Island, the signs of spring are all around.

  •  rotting, dripping ice
  • tiny buds on bare branches
  • longer days!! – oh yes i love the light.
  • patches of tired, dirty, old snow
  • green daffodil shoots pushing up through it
  • return of the songbirds
  • the sound of brooks and streams rushing and tumbling over stones and moss-covered logs
  • sitting on the deck lifting your face to the warmth of the sun
  • cows and horses out in the fields
  • waves and the smell of salt water – why can’t you smell salt in the winter even if the water isn’t frozen? I don’t know but it’s a fact.
  • the sound of the fog horn blowing off the Wood Islands ferry run
  • lobster traps piled in neat rows on the wharves, waiting.
  • sudden wild spring storms that dump a foot of snow and then melt entirely the next day. This snow is  called poor man’s fertilizer – apparently it’s very good for the crops.
  • muddy roads – impassible, red, mucky, muddy roads.
  • and a glorious feeling in the air – aptly described by this Island saying, “It’s a large day!”


Hope you’re having a large day!

Photo credit – Rinda Dean


4 thoughts on “A large day . . .

  1. Another beautiful Rinda Dean! The next thing I’ve got to learn in the blogging world is how to download and upload my own pictures. Baby steps!My Spring experience here in the Northwest was mowing our 1/3 acre yesterday. Happily our house, driveway and garage/shop take up a lot of the acreage. My muscles will be sitting and moaning today.


  2. Beautiful! We had a ton of birds singing the other day and just opened up all the windows so we could be serenaded. Sitting on the deck the other day the sunshine was so hot, though the air was cool,that I thought I should put on sunscreen. Then the next day it was snowing. :v) It’s been large I would say around here too.


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