It took forever to come to the Island – in fact,  it never made it to the main cinemas at all.

But the tiny, independent theatre, City Cinema, came to my rescue and featured “Miss Potter”.

Despite the storm warning  (see spring storms –  blog entry below), a carload of intrepid, literature loving mothers and daughters braved the wintery road conditions and drove  30 miles into town

and it was worth every nerve-wracking whiteout along the way.

Renee Zellweger stars as Beatrix Potter.

Cumbria Lake District- oh yes! I want to go there.  

Hill Top Farm  – the home of Beatrix Potter

teatime at Hill Top by Stephen Darbishire.jpg
 ’Teatime at Hill Top’ by Stephen Darbishire

A delightful evening …


7 thoughts on “Worth waiting for . . .

  1. Cathy says:

    I went to see this movie and thoroughly enjoyed it. I did not know the history of Beatrix Potter and it allowed me to delve further into her life.


  2. Jeanne – There is probably good reason for the mixed reviews. Here’s my take on it.It’s a perfectly sweet movie with nothing in the least offensive. I admired Beatrix Potter’s tenacity,the romance is touching, the scenery is breath-taking, the portrayal of Victorian life is fascinating, and it made me want to take out my watercolours and start painting nature scenes.But…I think they might have made it a much more dramatic movie in terms of Beatrix Potter’s life. They just skimmed the surface. They didn’t delve deeply enough into the tension evident in society, her home or her romance. They didn’t portray her as a serious artist, writer and conservationist.She actually self-published and then was picked up by a publisher. I wouldn’t have left that out. It reveals a lot about the strength of her character. I thought there was definitely more story to tell. I wanted to know more.Nonetheless, I enjoyed the movie thoroughly and highly recommend it.


  3. Debi says:

    Thanks for the thumbs up…my daughter and I want to see this and have finally located it at a theater…can’t wait to see it.


  4. So glad to hear you liked this movie! I read mixed reviews online, but if you liked it, I’m sure I will!Jeanne


  5. Lorna says:

    The lake district in England is lovely – but be warned very touristy – I mean extremely. Too many famous people came from the area – or, like Wordsworth, went there on extended holidays.But it is beautiful and rural England at close to its best!


  6. Susanne says:

    I was wondering if that would be any good. I’ll have to go see it!


  7. ellen b says:

    Oh, I really want to see that, too. I love Beatrix Potter. I have full sets of her books and little figurines. I love Mrs. Tiggy Winkle. You must go to the Lake District. My husband, myself and our 4 good friends stayed at a working farm there and walked part of the district, including Derwentwater. LOVELY! I highly recommend it.


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