overheard . . .



“She’s having a birthday?”

“How old is she?”

“No … I don’t believe it.”

“She can’t be  50! That’s  half a century!!!”

“Her husband and friends rented a what??”

“A limo??”

“and drove her around the Island?”

“We must be putting too much in the collection plate.”

“A party you say? How many guests?”

” 70! (ammendment – 94!!) Land sakes alive – where did they fit them all?”

“And her husband even invited that lovely harpist to come and play for the evening!”

“I heard her sister and brother-in-law flew in from Toronto.”

“And two of her boys flew up from New York!”

“Oh my goodness…you wouldn’t believe the food!”

” Bacon-wrapped scallops, bruschetta, canapes, shrimp, veggies, fruit, chips and hot shrimp dip – and more sweets than you could name.”

“Don’t forget the huge birthday cake!”

“Didn’t her sons and daughter sound lovely singing around the piano?”

“And what a sweet speech made by her daughter!”

“I hope that Rinda Dean took some pictures.”

“Oh she did – she was snapping left, right, and center!”

“Maybe we’ll get to see them on her blog sometime.”

“Oh I’m sure we will!”

“Psst … did you know that her birthday is really NOT on March 30th?”

“Do you mean it wasn’t even her birthday???”

“No- she’s not 50 until March 31st!”

“Tsk tsk …What are they going to do for her real birthday??”




17 thoughts on “overheard . . .

  1. Wow..I can’t imagine such a birthday celebration! Sounds amazing! Congratulations on having such a loving family pay you tribute on your special day! Hope you ate an extra slab o’ cake for all of us here in bloggyland…


  2. Thanks everyone for your kind birthday wishes – it was quite an evening!! I spent my "real" birthday recovering :)Ellen B – the boys are heading out to the greater Vancouver area in a couple of weeks.How far is Seattle from there? They have some theater shows as well as the school tours. Check out their website for the tour schedule.http://www.chuckydangerband.com/


  3. Oh my goodness, I just read your profile and what a interesting life you’ve lived so far. We are into bands around our house, too. My daughter thinks your boys’ band should tour the West coast of the U.S, starting in Seattle!


  4. Maryann says:

    Each day adds more delight to my years of almost 75…6/10…this is the brightest spot!! gentlest and kindest of words expressing God’s heart at work in our daily devotedness to Him!as well as such resourcefulness! and beautiful photography!This is truly a kind of earthly joy and beauty entertwined.My heart gasps with delight each day…Thank You, Lord, for this beautiful woman you have created for all of us to enjoy!!


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