10 thoughts on “Thank You Lord for . . .

  1. That is too funny! My 17 year old daughter keeps me in line and even bought me two pairs of super low rise jeans for Christmas. Of course I had to then buy super low rise underwear and longer shirts. I try to ask Alyssa’s opinion on clothing and she steers me away from things that are "too old" for me and also from those items she deems "too young". I even took her advice about my hair and finally got rid of my short bangs.


  2. Islandsparrow says:

    Candy I HOPE that commercial isn’t real. The commentary couldn’t be – there would be a up-rising of moms and I’d be on the front line 🙂


  3. Jeanne -Which browser do you use?I have a couple of sites that I can’t view in Firefox – I have to open them in IE.Firefox has a great new add-on called IE tab which enables you to use the embedded IE engine within Mozilla/Firefox. I love it because whenever I’m on a blog where I can’t see the pictures I just have to right click and open them in IE.Another option is to refresh the page once it’s loaded. I know that worked for Violet.I hope that helps :)As far as jeans go – I switched to the newer low-rise (which my daughter thinks are high) they aren’t super low – just below the belly button and I like them a WHOLE lot better than jeans that fasten at the waist. They are more comfortable. I make sure I wear long tops though – 5 babies have left their toll 🙂


  4. I’m bummed I can’t see your dear daughter’s picture! Don’t know why but I can only see your pictures about half the time. Doesn’t seem to matter if it’s with my Mac or laptop PC.My daughter wouldn’t let me out of the house in those either!!Jeanne


  5. Rachel sent me that one awhile back…too funny! I think maybe my Lee relaxed fits are probably in the mom jean catagory…but hey, I am not about to wear the non-mom-version where the tum is visible…or worse yet…the plumber’s *ahem*… (sorry, I am married to a plumber and my son is one as well…ask me about plumber’s jokes):^)


  6. Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! I do remember how comfortable those jeans are, not flattering, but comfortable. These new jeans that don’t sit at you waist are not as comfortable.


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