~sigh ~

Apparently we are not to hide under our clothes

So says my fashion conscious 16 year old

A little judicious tapering can easily “create the illusion of a waist” even if we don’t have one.

So these comfy dresses are out

According to Stacy and Clinton and Sarah…


I won’t mention how many of these I’ve been tempted to buy.

There always seems to be so many left at the end of every summer season


wonder why?


Drop over to Randi’s and check out some other fashion citations.


8 thoughts on “~sigh ~

  1. It is pretty, but I’d also listen to the resident fashionista. :-)When Alyssa goes away to college in August I don’t know what I’ll do. The salesgirls always say everything looks nice no matter how bad it looks. I’ll miss Alyssa’s comments: "Too old for you." "Too young for you." Or simply making a face while saying, "Mom." Then I know to move on. 🙂


  2. What a very pretty dress–in fact, just yesterday I came home from work and put something quite similar on. Very comfortable and airy in the warm sun! XO


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