rob and kate2
Robbie, and my niece Kate, on the South Shore PEI.

the kids and I thought we were digging to China…

Not so!

We were heading down to visit MissM.

If you’re interested to know where you would land if you ever finished digging that hole then

dig here

Now the other interesting question is …

if I dig a hole from Prince Edward Island to Australia would I come out head or feet first??


HT Coffee Mom

5 thoughts on “All these years . . .

  1. I ended up in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. I suppose I could swim to you from there…


  2. Oh! For a minute I thought you were really coming down! Dig faster! I don’t care which way you come out, I’ll meet you here!


  3. violet says:

    Love the beach picture too. You should see what I unearthed in my trunk (we’re pruning possessions against a possible move). It’s an old Canadian tourist book from the ’50s – and its picture of PEI is of a red sand beach just like this – only the bathing suits are way dated. It’s uncanny – to see pictures of that red sand two days in a row!


  4. Ellen B. says:

    Looks like whether I dig in Washington or California I end up in the Indian Ocean. I’d much rather end up at Miss M’s. fun site!


  5. Tammy says:

    I’m not sure why I haven’t been here in forever…but after scrolling down to all your posts, I feel like I’ve been missing out on a lot! I’ll be back more often!(And love that beach picture of the children…) :)Blessings,~Tammy


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