• 2 mourning doves
  • several robins
  • 4 chickadees congregating on a cone-laden pine tree. There is nothing cuter than a little black-capped chickadee swaying upside down nibbling on a pinecone.
  • numerous seagulls
  • black cormorants
  • and from a distance, using the zoom so that we wouldn’t disturb …eagle

Photo credit – Rinda Dean

8 thoughts on “Walk tally . . .

  1. Jeanne – not daily but as often as we can manage.


  2. Miz Booshay says:

    Every single time I spy an eagle…I feel like I have been especailly blessed!What a treat!I also feel that way when I see a hummingbird and an Oriole.


  3. What a find! Great picture.Do you and Rinda walk together daily? Jeanne


  4. Ellen B. says:

    You’ve been tagged… check it outhttp://happywonderer.wordpress.com/2007/04/25/real-books-real-people/Hope this is a new one for you.


  5. Ellen and Susie – Yes it’s a bald eagle – we see a lot of them around here but this is the only nest that I know of.Suzanne – Chickadees are such friendly little birds. It’s a dream of mine to have one eat from my hand. They are known to do it if you have enough patience.Cormorants are a dark seabird – they fly like ducks.


  6. Susanne says:

    Chickadees are my favorites though I have never seen one in real life! I have no idea what a cormorant is.


  7. Susie says:

    I was wondering if it was an eagle too!:)


  8. Ellen B. says:

    Oh my…is that an eagle?


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