12 thoughts on “exploring . . .

  1. Islandsparrow says:

    Violet I found out they were on Vancouver Island in a national park – Cedar? National park – I can’t remember the name.Jeannine – they are working on their second Cd release and they will make a new video in June. I’d love to have you come up for concert!!Jeanne – have you tried viewing in IE? Mozilla has a new IE tab extension that I use for some blogs. Refreshing the page sometimes works too. I know it’s frustrating when you can’t see pictures – and I especially want you to see Rinda’s beautiful shots!


  2. For some reason, I often can’t see the pictures on your blog. Today I can only see the one of the boys "lifting" the log on their shoulders. Is it in a different format or something?It sounds like they’re having a fabulous time!!Jeanne


  3. What a beautiful blog. I came over to say to take a peek after your visit this morning and I had a hard time leaving.I particularly enjoyed reading the 100 and some things about yourself. I will be back to visit, of that you can be sure.


  4. Do they have any more videos? I really enjoyed watching the one you posted earlier. They’re very talented. Maybe I’ll come up some time and go to one of their concerts with you. 🙂


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