I’ve met a new blogging friend!

What Matters Most is the lovely creation of Lovella, a farming girl from the Canadian countryside. 

For the last three days I have waited eagerly for the latest installment in the profoundly inspiring testimony of her friend, Monica.

If you read nothing else today

do. not. miss.

Monica’s Story 

scroll down to read Part One – May 1st.

4 thoughts on “Don’t miss this. . .

  1. Ellen B. says:

    That was a heart wrenching story to read but worth it. God is so good to restore us…


  2. Lovella says:

    Island Sparrow . .(what a nice name)again, thank you so much for joining me in thankfulness. I know that many came to add their note of thankfulness because of your willingness to share Monica’s story.Blessings


  3. It’s such a sad story yet full of hope. Only the Lord could carry her through. I love to read the comments from her family – she is such a blessing to them.


  4. Miz Booshay says:

    Thank you for sharing Monica’s story.She is strong and brave and has a remarkable faith.I can’t imagine surviving what she survived.


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