my latest library acquisition.


The blank pages in my sketchbook can be very daunting

and I have to overcome occasional sketch paralysis,

so I created some personal guidelines:

  1. Have fun
  2. Observe and practice
  3. No comparisons

nature sketch

Do you enjoy sketching?  I experience such joy when I draw. It perplexes me a bit – I don’t quite know why it feels so satisfying. Any ideas?

13 thoughts on “Enjoying . . .

  1. eija – photography is quite an art too – i always appreciate the way rinda can see a picture – i’ve learned a lot from her.t – i know you can draw!! i’d love to see more of yours too.


  2. exactly missmand creating something – even if it is a poor copy 🙂


  3. Oooooooooh! Great book. I love botanicals! I love your drawing too. You said: It perplexes me a bit – I don’t quite know why it feels so satisfying. Any ideas?Because you stop. And look and breathe and admire. And probably because you see the infinity of God in the intricate delicacy of every leaf and petal.


  4. ellen b says:

    If you have time for this fun nonsense, you’ve been tagged!


  5. eija says:

    Draw? Nah… My kids do it – especially Miss 10. She has the gift. I don’t. I have the picture in my head and then I get frustrated because it becomes nothing like that on the paper. So I do not draw. My camera is my pencil and I love it 🙂


  6. tonia says:

    Beautiful!I go through drawing phases…I’ll draw every day for a few weeks, then won’t draw again for a year. I do love to see pencil marks on a page, though.Can’t wait to see more of your work!


  7. Thank you everyone for your encouraging comments!and welcome Kimmie! I hope you have a scanner so we can all see your sketching.Kim -that’s how I feel. Similar to making bread or writing a song – so creative. I would love to see your sketches someday.Jodi – I’d love to see your nature sketches too.You’d see so many beautiful things out in your kayak.Lovella, Jeannine and Suzanne – I was the same way – I never ever thought I could draw but a number of years ago I was hospitalized for a long time. I was sooooo bored and had nothing else to do – and I started to draw. It was as much learning to "see" as it was to draw – combined with time, patience and lots of erasing. I still erase a lot. And I am only learning how to use those watercolor pencils – I use them dry and I have to learn to use them wet.


  8. Lovella says:

    Your drawings are beautiful. What a gift. I’ll be sticking to my camera. My drawing is at best . .stick figures. Even when the kids were little and I’d draw in church to keep them amused, I’d have to tell them what I had drawn.


  9. Susanne says:

    I love your sketch. I never, ever draw. And this month for our ladies group we went to the art gallery where we had some drawing fun.


  10. Jodi says:

    Indeed we are kindred spirits! I have toyed with the idea of starting a nature journal for years–I did manage to get two pages into one a couple summers ago but gave it up with the arrival of another child. I’ve always looked back on the drawings with such satisfaction.Your daffodil sketch is lovely. Please share more when you feel so inclined.


  11. Jeannine says:

    I think I would find joy in it too, if only I could draw. 🙂


  12. What a lovely practice! I love your "daffo-down-dilly" as my grandmother used to call them.I am not much of a draw-er; just a few simple line drawings and embellishments to go along with my calligraphy from time to time. But I do understand the joy of (in my case) lettering a piece just for the fun of it. It is a mystery but it is a precious and prized gift from the Lord, isn’t it? To find satisfaction and joy in expression. I guess that’s it–the joy of expressing a bit of what is inexpressible.I would love to share a nature journal I did many years ago in college with you. I think you would like it. It will take a bit of scanning and I’ll have to figure out how to make it compact and not too big to send via email. I’ll put it on my list of "things to do someday."


  13. Kimmie says:

    Oh I LOVE your sketches of the daffodils- you inspire me to dig my notebook out and give it a try! Thanks for sharing…really inspirational to me this morning!blessings to you!Kimmie


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