Apron Line-up

Randi is celebrating National Apron Day and I’m joining in!

I have always worn aprons primarily because I’m a messy enthusiastic cook!

Here is my selection – as you can tell – they are functional rather than particularly feminine.  I remember my mom had what she called full “work aprons” and then when she had company over she would switch to a frilly half apron.

apron patterns
I like the tiny herb pattern on the first apron in the line-up  – it also has a pocket which is handy when you are trying to hang onto clothes pins.

One of my favourite aprons was a real chef’s apron – long and white, it covered me completely and kept my clothes clean. But I think one of my chef inclined sons nicked borrowed it.

Oh well…as long as he keeps doing the Christmas Eve dinner I guess I can live without it!

Pop over to Randi’s and join the fun!


15 thoughts on “Apron Line-up

  1. What a nice line up! And the herb pattern certainly is pretty. I feel the same way as you do about the Christmas dinner–my husband can have anything in the kitchen, as long as it means he’ll keep cooking that turkey every year! And absolutely, you could make those potholders! They are so easy.XO


  2. I love the picture of all the aprons on the line!My daughter has taken over my kitchen, but not my apron. She knows that my clothes would suffer if I couldn’t wear it!


  3. Oh Shoot, I missed the cue on the apron post. I have some wonderful aprons as well. Don’t you just love how every apron just oozes with memories.My mom would have never worked in her kitchen without an apron. I tend to dress in the color of my sauce. I’ve learned the hard way. Just recently I have wised up and started to wear aprons again.great post.


  4. Julana says:

    My grandmother always wore a full apron to cook. My mother wore them when I was younger, but they disappeared, over time.


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