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Mm mm…

A/S 8d Tomato Basil BruschettaMy favourite appetizer for Kim and the May Recipe Round-up.

Deli bruschetta (or make your own)
Spreadable Philadelphia Cream Cheese

Slice the baguette in one inch slices. Spread with Cream Cheese. Place a tablespoon of  bruschetta on top on cream cheese and then bake in hot oven until bread is golden on the bottom.

Simple and delicious.


14 thoughts on “Mm mm…

  1. I’ve never added the cream cheese. What a great idea. I bet it holds the bruscetta mixture on there better. BTW: is it ok if I call you Kathie or do you prefer Islandsparrow?


  2. YUM!!I would never have thought of putting a layer of cream cheese on bruschetta, but it sounds heavenly.Cream cheese and sour cream are my two favorite food groups!: DThanks for participating!K


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