OK Diane admitted it too and I already told Suzanne – so I might as well come clean…

I haven’t read the list of books I posted for the Spring Reading Challenge 

The truth is …

I really, really liked the cute little badge with the bright and cheery flowers and I wanted it – so I just posted the books that I had from the library – and they weren’t the best choices – or the most thoughtful – or actually worth reading. 

I have such peculiar tastes in books – especially as a child. I would not read

  • boy books (so Farmer Boy was out even though I read all the other Wilder books numerous times)
  • horse books (even though I was absolutely crazy about real horses and hung around our neighbour’s stables every single day)
  • mystery books ( I didn’t like them – I never read them but I knew definitively that I didn’t like them)
  • animal books (go figure… I adored animals and would go around giving funerals for dead birds, bringing home  kittens and puppies – my mom made me take them back since we already had a cat and dog – also pet fish and turtles who ended up like Tonia’s unhappy fish)
  • non-fiction books – (boring – I knew they were boring – don’t ask me why since I wouldn’t read them)

So what was left?? Apparently lots! I took home 13 or 14 books a week from our local library.

But as I grew older my taste in books broadened. I finally read Farmer Boy to my own little boys and discovered that it was my favourite book in the whole series – especially the food descriptions – mmm  mm – pie for breakfast!! 

I met “Miss Marple” and developed a penchant for solving whodunnits. 

I travelled to L’Abri in Switzerland and every Sunday evening we would have high tea and our host family would read  the side-splitting adventures of James Herriot and his veterinarian escapades. Non-fiction and animal stories added in one fell swoop!

Now I read almost anything as long as it is clean and grabs my interest. It has to be well-written though – there are too many books in the world to waste time on a book that doesn’t “grab” me. I’ve mentioned before that I often read recommendations online. So I end up with a lot of books that appeal to others but don’t appeal to me. I sample but I don’t feel obliged to finish them.

And that’s what happened to the list I entered for the Spring reading Challenge …

I have been reading though – a lot of books. Here’s my list:

(a line all the way through means I finished it – halfway through means I’m in process – as you can see I like to keep a lot of books on the go depending on my mood or the time of day – some books are perfect for just before bed – for others I need to be wide awake to take them in) 

  • Keeping A Nature Journal – Clare Walker Leslie
  • The Art of Tasha Tudor – Harry Davis
  • The Irresistable Revolution;Living As An Ordinary Radical – Shane Clairborn (Tonia and I are wading our way through this one)
  • Prayer Does It Make A Difference – Philip Yancy
  • How To Become A Saint – A Beginner’s Guide – Jack Bernard
  • Queen of The Castle – Lynn Bowen Walker
  • A Testament of Devotion – Thomas R Kelly
  • The Islanders – Elizabeth Foster (picked up at a secondhand book sale and I really am enjoying it)
  • Honey For A Woman’s Heart – Gladys Hunt
  • Love and War in the Appenines – Eric Newby (apparently the real book about living in Provence)
  • A Small Place in Italy – Eric Newby
  • Love Among the Butterflies (a favourite of Britt-Arnhild’s)
  • Wild Swans – Three Daughters of China – Jung Chang – (fascinating)
  • The Diaries and Letters of Anne Morrow Lindbergh – I’m looking forward to starting these although I could only get two out of the four volumes from my library.)
  • on order from Amazon – Simply Christian by N T Wright
  • and Eat This Book along with the study guide – by Eugene Petersen


  • The Mitford Bedside Companion – Jan Karon
  • The Memory Keeper’s Daughter – Kim Edwards
  • Giants In The Earth – O. C. Rolvaag
  • The Heaven Tree Tiology – Edith Pargeter

 I know I read more fiction but I can’t remember the titles just now – obviously they didn’t leave a lasting impression.

armchair.gifAs you can see I have lots to read – that’s the way I like it.  I read everywhere: in the bedroom – in my chair – in waiting rooms – in the car (when we’re parked – it’s been a life long sorrow  that I can’t read while we are driving 🙂 – while I’m cooking and stirring at the stove- while I nursed –  at the beach – while I get my hair done at the hair-dresser – at the dentist – in the doctor’s office. As long as I have a book nearby, I know I’ll never be bored.

There you go… confession and update completed.

Oh and by the way – don’t forget to email your current reading stack to Diane by June 4th for the “What are you reading?” poll. I know I’ll get lots of suggestions for great reading there!

What are you reading these days?



16 thoughts on “confession and update . . .

  1. Vicki says:

    I love to learn what others are reading. Great list!


  2. I like it very much Jeanne – but it has to sit on the shelf for a day or two- My Yancy book on prayer is overdue and I’m being charged 15cents a day so I have to finish it first 🙂


  3. Ooooh, how are you liking The Heaven Tree Trilogy? I loved it!Jeanne


  4. Dear Kathie,Thanks for the plug for the poll. Isn’t the nature journaling book fantastic? I get inspired looking at their illustrations.Shall I consider this list your entry for the poll or will you email me?I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog this evening. It’s so nice to get better acquainted (-:Diane


  5. Lorna says:

    Was interested in what you wrote on my blog about WYAM in PEI … do you have any more details?


  6. Suzanne – I thought Memory Keeper’s daughter was well-written – it grabbed me – but I didn’t like the ending – it wasn’t satisfying.


  7. Susanne says:

    You’re too funny! But you know, I am totally with on laying aside a book if it doesn’t grab you. Why waste time trying to plug through it if you just cannot get into it. Sometimes I might try it again at a later date, because it just might be a certain time in my life and it may interest me later.What did you think of Memory Keeper’s Daughter?P.S. I tagged you today on my post. Hope you can play along.


  8. ellen b says:

    The List today…could change by this afternoon cuz I’m stopping by one of my book sources (Goodwill) today.Future Grace, by John Piper. Stepping Heavenward by Elizabeth Prentiss. Savouring Christ by John Piper. Byzantium (reread) by Stephen Lawhead. When People are Big and God is small by Welch.The Screwtape Letters by C.S.Lewis. I want to get through these quick and get on to my next stack.:)


  9. eija says:

    It’s been a while – I’ve been mostly a very stay-at-home blogger lately… So I’m trying to catch up with everyone. And what did I find in here! The awesome photographer Rinda has become a DR !!! Wow, I’m impressed… My most sincere congrats to her! I loved the slideshow you had put together – many of the photos were familiar from your posts, but there were some new ones too. I think she should put together an exhibition – no, wait, Canada is too far away for me… How about a book? I’d want a signed copy at once!I’m reading, too. These days about Israel. I’m about to post about it, if not today, then any day now.I’ve noticed that if I don’t finish a book before starting another, it’s most likely it remains unfinished forever. For me it’s a sign of a boring book if I want to read something else along with it. Funny how different we humans are!


  10. Julana – I really enjoyed my years living with the Mennonites – we attended a Mennonite church in Steinbach, Manitoba for awhile.I have Christ Played In 10000 Places waiting for me at the library.Apparently it’s first in a series and Eat This Book is the second.


  11. Julana says:

    I’m fascinated to hear your Mennonite connection; I grew up Mennonite, and spent two years in a Mennonite mission in NW Ontario.I recently finished N.T. Wright’s Simply Christian, and thought he usefully articulating many ideas in a helpful way. Even if you don’t agree with all his views, he is talking about the important things, and lays the groundwork for good conversations about things that matter.Right now, I’m re-starting Eugene Peterson’s Christ Plays in 10,000 places, which I got half-way through, just before starting to blog. I’m also half-way through his Eat This Book. I listened to his audio speech on it at Calvin College yesterday, conincidentally. You can download it from their website.I’m also starting Getting Things Done, by David Allen. I bought it at the church bookstore yesterday. (They have a shelf on management/leadership.) I’d seen Ian from Ian’s Messy Desk refer to it repeatedly, and scanned the related websites. Can its principles relate to the mother of a child with special needs? I read the first chapter this am, and hope they will. He certainly articulates the problem well. Disagrees with Franklin Covey’s approach, which never worked for me.I’m also working on Greg Laugherie’s Living Spritiuality which Catez reviewed over at Allthings2all awhile back.And dipping into Agatha Christie’s short stories, in a big compilation from the library.


  12. Islandsparrow says:

    Ellen – what are the titles of your books?Kim – I like reading tea books too. You’ll have to post any interesting facts.And have an online tea party! I’ll be there with my best hat :)Lovella- I haven’t heard of Janice Dick – and unfortunately my library doesn’t carry her titles. DId I tell you that I went to Providence College in Manitoba (It was Winnipeg Bible College then). It was not an official Mennonite school but there were mostly Mennonites there. It was a great school. I made friends with Dicks,Penners, Blocks, Klassens and Hieberts!!


  13. Lovella says:

    On my coffee table I have "Eye of the Storm" by Janice Dick . She is a Canadian writer. I read her first book on vacation Calm before the Storm. I bought these because though they are novels they explain my mennonite heritage.The second book I have is God’s Power to Change your Life by Rick Warren. I’m about half way finished it.I find I read in spurts. I confess I read more books before blogging. I need to start picking up books in between again like I did before last fall, (when this blogging began).


  14. I was just thinking yesterday about how shamefully I have been neglecting my reading blog. I haven’t updated the books I’ve been reading for such a long time. I’m sure I would miss listing some and that makes me sad because I had every intention of keeping track of all my reading this year.Truth be told, though, it is more fun to read than to write about reading, so I doubt I’ll ever keep a very accurate record.As for what I’ve been reading lately–tea books! I have read four or five books about tea and the history of tea and tea parties and tea recipes. I’m going to be testing some new sandwich recipes by throwing a tea party for some of my friends–wish you could come!I’ve also read a bunch of Tolkien; Mr. Bliss, The Children of Hurin, The Silmarillion, The Fellowship of the Ring, and I am now with Frodo and Sam as they are approaching the Black Gate in the Two Towers.I’ll be switching to the Harry Potter books as soon as I finish the Return of the King so that I can have a good review before the next book comes out!


  15. ellen b says:

    You are cracking me up. I also can relate to having several books going at a time. I’ve added different books to my reading pile then the ones I said I’d read for the challenge. If only we had a third hand reading would be easier to do multitasking!


  16. Dear Kathie,Thanks for the plug for the poll. Isn’t the nature journaling book fantastic? I get inspired looking at their illustrations.Shall I consider this list your entry for the poll or will you email me?I’ve enjoyed catching up on your blog this evening. It’s so nice to get better acquainted (-:Diane


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