I have been tagged . . .

3 times…


I’m wondering if I can combine them all???

8 facts about me by Lisa

the eating out meme from Suzanne  – I have to list my top 5 favourite places to eat locally.

 and the ideal mall by  Ellen B.  – I have to choose 6 stores that would definitely be included in my ideal one stop mall. (oh I’m soooo behind in this one but I had the stomach flu and I don’t really like to shop – those are pretty good excuses don’t you think?? 🙂

This might be tricky 


here goes

Fact –  My dad was a Federal Fisheries officer and he had to inspect lobster factories – and take samples back to the lab where the lobster was tested.  If the lobster was good the fishery officers took it home. So…we ate lobster a lot!!  As a kid I would groan and say “not lobster again!”. I only liked the claws.

Mvc-026x.jpgBut, things have changed …

Fact – I now love lobster and my ideal mall would have a lobster community supper –  one of my favourite places to eat out in Prince Edward Island.  Home-made rolls, salads and delicious juicy lobster cooked in seawater and served hot with melted butter. And don’t forget the homemade pie for dessert!


Fact  – surf.jpgI am surrounded by the sea – as an Islander you are defined by the sound of waves upon the shore.  Fact Every single, sunny day of the summer we went to the beach. And it is one of my favourite places to eat out. True…it’s not a restaurant but I would much rather go to the shore, build a campfire, roast hotdogs and marshmallows and watch the sun set over the water than sit indoors to eat!

Now… I don’t know if this is possible but remember this is my ideal mall. My imaginary ideal mall  would have a beach and an indoor sea – there would have to be a breeze with the tangy smell of salt in the air and of course, waves and a few seagulls, and the occasional fishing boat passing by.


Ooooh – I’d love to go to that mall!  Hmm – is it a shop Ellen?? Not really but I would pay to go, especially in the winter – that’s for sure!

Fact  – cafedining.jpgI have four sons and all four of them have worked in a lovely restaurant called The Prince Edward Island Preserve Company. I love to eat out in their sunny dining room overlooking the beautiful gardens and the River Clyde. They make all kinds of jams and sauces and the most delicious Peach Salsa. My ideal mall would have one of their shops. I love to browse the works of local artists featured in their gift shop and the incredible collection of tea sets. Fact– I have a gorgeous teapot from there that my sisters gave  me on my 40th birthday.

Fact  – I love all things musical. I play the piano and guitar. I love to sing. I’m learning to play the Celtic harp. All my children play instruments and sing. My ideal mall would be a musical haven – music stores and recording studios – impromptu singsongs and praise and worship times would be happening (on that beach around the campfire ok?). And…musicians are known to get hungry (believe me I’ve been feeding hungry musician boys for years! It’s a fact). So if I am out of their favourite Cowboy cookies then we better eat out at MacAuley’s Bakery where the cookies are almost as good as Mom’s. There’s nothing like a glass of cold milk and a  chocolate chip cookie fresh from their oven. Can you imagine walking around that ideal mall – listening to music with the cozy smell of fresh baked cookies in the air?

Fact  – I love ice-cream. And my ideal mall would have to include Cow’s. Mmm mmm there is nothing like it! I eat out there every summer!9icecream.gif




 There – I did it!!!  

You can check my figures but I’m pretty sure I have 8 facts, 6 “stores” in my ideal mall and 5 places to eat out!! 

Phew I’m tired.

and hungry…

I think I’ll go make some cowboy cookies.

My band boys are coming home this week and I need to fill the cookie jar!!

oops – forgot to tag anyone but feel free to play along if you like! 


I can’t believe I forgot to put a bookstore in my ideal mall! What is the world coming to?? Actually forget the bookstore. Put a library in. A library that lets you take out as many books and DVDs  as you want and  doesn’t charge overdue fees.

ahhh perfect

excuse me now…

I’m heading down to  my imaginary beach with some freshly baked cookies, a Gooey Mooey and  a book.

Better yet …why don’t you  join me? The fishing boats are coming in with a fresh load of lobster. Have you ever tasted it fresh from the traps, cooked in seawater over a firepit on the beach?  Later on we’ll build a campfire from driftwood. The boys will play their guitars and we’ll sing praise and worship songs until the wee hours of the morning.

Mother’s Day 2006  – Photo Credit – Rinda Dean

*happy sigh* 


14 thoughts on “I have been tagged . . .

  1. Joanne says:

    Sigh…you have just brought back some wonderful memories from our time in PEI! You have a delightful Island with many lovely places, memories, and landscapes!Thank you for sharing!Joanne


  2. Wow combined 3 tags at one go and a really interesting way of doing the food meme that I started… MacAuley’s Bakery sounds good..I love freshly baked cookies..and mmm ice cream at Cow’s sounds good too!Ps thanks for doing the tag. I hope you enjoyed it.. If you know of anyone else doing it please feel free to send me a message and I’ll update them too on the updated list of tag doers


  3. Kathie? Can I come for Cow’s icecream? We’ve received their catalogue for year–my favorite sweatshirt in highschool was from Cows. Someday I pray I may stand on your island and listen to the waves with you, we can lick cones together, and sing worship songs till the stars come out. ~warm smile~Till then…Ann


  4. WOW – I am in jaw-dropping awe of your ability to combine all of that and make it sound so inviting! I would really love to do all of those things – I LOVE lobster and PEI and books and ice cream. Thanks for playing. I’ll be back to learn more from the ‘master of memes’.Lisa


  5. Ah the beach sounds just wonderful. You’ve painted a wonderful picture. I"ll run and pack my bags, on the way I’ll pick up some hot dogs for the beach, I just love a good weiner roast on the beach.


  6. You need to have some sort of award for having the creativity to combine those three meme’s together like that. You are blogging super-woman! That was so much fun to read. And boy I would love to join you on the beach for all that. While I’m not a big lobster fan, I’m sure I could force myself for that one special night to be in the whole PEI zone and eat it. It all sounds wonderful!And that preserve resteraunt looks like a beautiful place.


  7. That was fun!!! You had to think on that one. Nothing is better than hearing the sea. I live about 30 mins from the beach so I don’t get to enjoy is daily but when I do the sound calms me instantly!


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