17 thoughts on “The newest family on the block . . .

  1. They are gorgeous! You are fortunate to see them up close like that. I love spring with all the babies!We took care of an injured red fox then took him to a wildlife rehabilitator after a few days. Now he’s in a sanctuary. It’s hard not to get attached to the little cuties. I did get some great pictures of ‘our’ fox with the kids.Thanks for posting your pictures!


  2. Actually Violet we were very close – just on the other side of the road. The den is in a culvert on Point Prim – the little foxes just sit and play by the road and then scoot into the ditch whenever a car goes by. All the fox used to live in the deep woods (although there are no really deep woods on PEI) I never saw them growing up. But a few years ago, coyotes crossed the ice from the mainland and they drove the foxes out of the woods and closer to people’s homes.So now we see them a lot. There is a law not to feed them but people do anyway.


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