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beauty. . .





The conference was beyond lovely.

A blessing to us and to all who came.

I am soooo tired … but happy.

 and very thankful to live in such a place of beauty – both spiritual and physical.

Thank you so much for your prayers – they were deeply appreciated.

Photo credit – Aaron Harcourt  – YWAM photographer


13 thoughts on “beauty. . .

  1. Lorna – try viewing the page in a different browser. I have to view your blog in IE – Firefox doesn’t show your pictures. Or try refreshing once the page loads. Hope that works!!These flowers are lupines.They grow wild all over the Island – the roadsides are all lined with deep banks of pink, purple, mauve and white blooms – it’s stunning.


  2. I’m looking forward to hearing more of all the wonderful things that you got from the conference when you are ready and willing to share them. Till then have a nice rest! Conferences to tend to drain energy.


  3. I’m so glad Kim mentioned the name of the beautiful flowers you posted. I’m such a gardening dweeb but that’s ok because I appreciate everyone else’s gardens even more. So happy to hear your conference was a blessing!


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