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Favourite things . . .


mmm mm

It is just about strawberry season.

Have you ever smelled strawberries warmed by the sun?


And no Cool Whip or fake edible oil products on top either 

only pure 35%  cream

whipped up with a little sugar and vanilla

My grandfather-in- law

used to drink a glass of 35% cream (yes! drink!)

in one long gulp,

wipe his mouth,


and say

“Good milk!” 

He lived to the ripe old age of 92.

Lovella is using whipping cream too – check out her roll kuchen

and Tonia is celebrating with Gala Strawberry Pie.


13 thoughts on “Favourite things . . .

  1. Now it’s your turn for the strawberries. 🙂 We buy our milk from a local farm and those times I don’t have storebought cream on hand, I just pour it off the top of the milk. Real cream is so good.


  2. I love strawberries! I mean, l.o.v.e. them! I will buy them and hide them from my kids so I can eat them all. Seriously! And you picture looks so good.


  3. Yum! No fake cream here either. I think Grandfathers had more hard work to do and could "afford" to drink cream. Nowadays, you’d have to go to the gym for 2 hours to work that off.~Jody


  4. Oh boy, I just smiled when i saw that you were putting me in the real cream hit list. I always use real cream. I’m glad you do to and perhaps we should start a support group called Real Cream. Those berries look scrumptious. There is nothing like picking and eating them right out of the field. Consume a pail and pick a pail. Yum.


  5. Mmmm…my fridge is stocked with a carton of heavy cream and two quarts of strawberries! I’m making a strawberry shortcake for my grandmother’s birthday this weekend–it’s a heavenly dessert!XO


  6. mmm….we do the strawberries in brown sugar and sour cream too and call it "Strawberries Romanoff" :)yummy, yummy.And no one better EVER put cool whip or anything fake near my dessert, In fact, I could eat a bowl of whipped cream for dinner and be just dandy, thank you! Only the real stuff baby.


  7. Okay, my mouth is absolutely watering now. I’ll have to wipe off my keyboard. We also love fresh strawberries sliced with sour cream and a sprinkling of brown sugar on top. Or if you have nice big ones, you can dip it in the sourcream and then in brown sugar. Heaven!


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