thank you. . .



Sweet words.

Sweet friend. 

I’m honoured. 


who inspires, encourages and blesses me among my blogging friends?

each one of you

because if I am going to your blog, it’s for that reason!!

It would be impossible to choose only 5 


Tonia, Ann, Jeanne, Diane,Suzanne, Lovella, Sue, Dawn, Deb, Kims,Violet, Randi,  Jeannine, Missm, Donna, Ellen, Mary, Lana, Rebecca, Lorna, Jodi, Eija, Valerie, Corey, Britt-Arnhild, Juliet, and more – see I can’t do it – I’m no good at these things – I can’t choose because each of you bless and encourage me.

And I thank you


10 thoughts on “thank you. . .

  1. Thank you so much. I come to visit you for the same reason. I always imagine Anne of Green Gables when I stop by, hoping for a glimpse . . .I love the color of your blog and the header is so beautiful I can’t help but look at the pictures every single time. blessings


  2. Hi Kathie ~ Just visiting your blog after a long hiatus, and it was fun catching up on your posts and beautiful photography. Yes, a deserving honor it is for you to be selected, and what a perfect way you chose to honor others. Thank you for your kind words. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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