Salad days…

salad.jpg Strawberry Spinach Salad – my favourite!!!
*fresh baby spinach (straight from our garden)
*sliced strawberries (from Penny’s Strawberry fields 5 minutes down the road)
*mandarin oranges (optional – I get these in a can from Sobey’s  🙂
*1/4 red onion sliced in rings (also from Sobey’s – I’ve never grown red onions – maybe I should give them a try)
*sliced almonds ( also from Sobey’s – toast them if you like but you don’t have to)

Combine spinach, strawberries, mandarin oranges and almonds in a large bowl; cover and chill. Just before serving, toss with poppyseed dressing – you can make your own but I just buy mine. Homemade is probably better and cheaper but hey … it’s summer and the beach is calling!! You can also use raspberry vinaigrette.
Soooo good!! especially with barbecued steak and new potatoes.
Recipe-roundup.jpgViolet is hosting
July’s Recipe Round-up
featuring more
delicious salads!
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7 thoughts on “Salad days…

  1. I’ve had that salad – but not with spinach straight from the garden. Thanks for reminding me. We enjoy lots of salads in the summer, often accompanied by grilled salmon. I think I’ll buy the ingredients for this one tomorrow. Thanks,Cas


  2. I like the sound of this mostly because all the ingredients are available in my country :-)I don’t think we can get poppy-seed dressing here though – perhaps you could let me know what it consists off.Regards from Northern Ireland.


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