perfect . . .

Roger (my pastor husband) has a beach wedding today.

This cartoon was in his email inbox this morning.

Sent by a long-time friend who wanted to give him some tips for appropriate dress at beach weddings.

If you knew him you would know how perfect this cartoon is …

  • He doesn’t like the beach.
  • You wouldn’t catch him without a shirt.
  • He always wears shoes – no sandals on this boy – and barefoot??? Anathema!

but he has the best sense of humour of anyone I know

especially if the joke is on him.

and  he emailed this to me right away.

Aww …

I love him even if I couldn’t convert him to the beach or to camping.

(and boy did I try! there are a few hilarious blog entries in those memories 🙂

At least all the kids  got my beach & camping  genes.



11 thoughts on “perfect . . .

  1. Wow! You and your husband are so different in that way. How great that you compliment each other and love and appreciate each other for and in these differences. It’s great and beautiful, K!


  2. Oh I do love a beautiful beach wedding. I’m sure you made up for the sand between your toes and all.From your comment I see that the fog lifted. how perfect. I’d love to see some pictures.


  3. The weather did permit! It had been a cloudy, misty day. Point Prim (the location of the wedding) was covered with fog until 20 min before the ceremony. Then it blew off and we had the most beautiful blue sky, strands of fleecy white clouds and an ocean breeze – it was so picturesque. They were actually married on the bank that overlooked the sea. I didn’t have a camera but I hope to get some pictures from a friend.


  4. My sister-in-law got married facing the ocean at Virginia Beach. One hundred degrees. The photos looked great. The standing in the sand awaiting her was not. Dress clothes, sand, sweat, glare – it was memorable. Hopefully your beaches will not be quite so uncomfortable. : – )


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