about this quote … 

The importance of not being too grown up

“… Delight in the experiences of your youth today. Reflect upon the simple pleasures of carefree living. What can you do to indulge yourself in a healthy way? Put down the bills and laundry and have a tea party or puppet show. Take a spin on the swing set or jump on the bed. Not only will you burn off some energy, but you’ll also be taken back to an innocent, worry-free time in your life. A time when you wore pajamas with feet and weren’t such a big girl. Remember the importance of an occasional childlike moment..


Animal crackers and cocoa to drink.
That is the finest of suppers, I think;
When I am grown-up and can have what I please
I think I shall always insist upon these.

Christopher Morley

I LOVE to have fun – to laugh – to be like a child and do something out of the ordinary.

When my  kids were small, I seemed to have more opportunities to be child-like. I just joined in with them: tea-parties, impromptu picnics, dancing to worship music in the kitchen, flashlight stories under the blankets at bedtime, hot cocoa and marshmallows after a sledding party, jumping in the water with all our clothes on.

Now that everyone in the household is “grown-up”, those fun moments are still there but fewer and farther between. And I MISS them. Grandchildren are coming (someday!) but I am not waiting.

I know that laughing, having fun,  “delighting in the experiences of  youth”, as the quote words it, does something deep inside of me – rejuvenates, renews, refuels, refreshes … I can’t think of any more r words 🙂

It actually strengthens me to face the ordinary bill-paying days and even the more difficult times that we all encounter.

One of my boys has the most infectious laugh – when he was a little guy he would start laughing and soon the whole family had to join in because his laughter was so contagious – a joy to watch.  It always made me so happy – and still does – to see my children enjoying life and  laughing together.

I think the Lord feels the same way. He delights in our joy.

So …

what will I do to delight in the experiences of childhood today?

Climb a tree, swing in my hammock, read as late as I want (there really is no one who will say “time to turn that light out”),  jump in the water with all my clothes on, eat a Cow’s ice-cream cone  (for supper!), lay out on a blanket and count the shooting stars, eat breakfast at the beach??

Ok – I could google “fun things to do”

but first I am going to ask you, my very best blog readers in all the world, what do you do for pure, sheer fun? Something that has absolutely no utilitarian purpose –  something that makes you feel like a child again – something that makes you laugh, smile, or give a happy sigh.


like Pooh sticks.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Don’t disappoint me

or I might throw a tantrum


That was one child like ish thing that I was very good at.



29 thoughts on “thinking

  1. I love playing with the waves too… in the sunny Mediterranean! Skipping stones on the water… watching Disney movies, singing the songs… Tom and Jerry, swinging as high as I can… etc!!I love your blog… really inspiring and heart-warming! Feel free to drop by mine, although a far call from yours!Elly


  2. I could go for any of those on your list except the tree climbing one. I think I would definitely hurt myself with that one.I love to watch the clouds and see what I can see in them. An impromptu game of tag with the kids. Bike rides are fun. And fireworks still thrill me. Walking through crunchy fall leaves is one of my fave things to do.


  3. Playing dress up with girlfriends; putting on hats and squealing with compliments like we used to when we were girls dressing up in Mom’s dress up clothes. Totally different than try to find a great outfit to wear to an event.


  4. Hello Ms Sparrow. I’ve been popping on to your site now and then for a year or so now, and find it delightful every time. I don’t think I’ve ever commented before, but I just love this topic, so I had to say something:- eat ice cream from the ice cream man’s musical truck (fudgecicles are my favorite)- running barefoot through the grass, perhaps throwing in a cartwheel or two- watching fireworks (I squeal and clap and wriggle with glee – can’t help myself)- a bubble bath at twilight and settling down with a good storyThere are more. I have seen a few things in the comments that I need to add to my Soon To Do list. Thanks for a fun post!


  5. Chase buttfliesEat ice cream conesLay on a blanket in the yard and watch the clouds (or stars at night)Dance with my teenagersRead picture books~Jody


  6. Hi IslandSparrow…I haven’t felt much like a child lately because I’ve been taking care of my mama who has almost been a child herself with needing so much tender loving care to help her along. I’m home again, and my sweetie suggested a picnic on the Parkway last night. Picking up the sandwiches at Subway made it easy and very enjoyable! We grabbed jackets just in case it was cooler up the mountain than down here in the Valley. Sure enough, we stepped out of the van and it felt like wonderful fall weather. What a delight to just relax and enjoy my family.


  7. missm – I loved to go on the spinning rides at playgrounds when I was young – I’d hang my head upside until the whole world spun. But that’s one thing I’ll just have to remember – because I can’t even LOOK at them now without feeling a little sick. But I’m with you on all the rest – especially the very satisfying sound of rocks dropping into deep pools. We also used to make little boats out of wood and race them down ditches when the snow was melting in the spring. It was so much fun.Britt-Arnhild – don’t you love these late summer evenings? Do you have fireflies? We used to chase them – and try to bring bats down by shining flashlights in their faces. It never worked but we were always hopeful!Jeannine – I think I’d try a scooter – I hate to admit it but I’m afraid that I would fall if I tried their skateboards – but a scooter sounds fun.Lovella – laying in a tent on a hot summer afternoon – listening to the drone of insects – feeling the breeze through net windows. Autumn leaves and pine needles – our neighbour had huge pine trees and every fall all the neighbourhood kids would spend a day raking them up – then the dad would load them into the back of a pick-up truck and we would all pile on top (not too much worry about seat belts in those days) and we would ride to the dump – afterwards they would always give us a party – hotdogs and fireworks at his cottage.So much fun.Oh yes – being the FIRST to make prints in the fresh fallen snow.Going out for coffee is something we do a lot – mostly at Tim’s which is not a sidewalk cafe of course. But we have a lovely little pedestrian street in Charlottetown called Victoria Row – it has little sidewalk cafes and restaurants – and usually live music. I haven’t been there yet this summer. I’m putting it on my list.You ladies are doing so well with this exercise – I love it! Thanks so much!!


  8. crunching in dry autumn leaves, and going for a walk in freshly fallen snow, (ok that last one might be a bit of a stretch right now), going out for coffee and sitting at a sidewalk cafe, until I’m done sitting . .looking . .pitching a tent . . laying in it.


  9. I like to ride my children’s scooters on our back driveway. It all started one year when I was tidying up at night and thought it easier to ride the scooter up the driveway and into the garage rather than just carrying it in.I had never been on a scooter before and I found it to be FUN. I can go really fast and I like that. :-)Also as child I loved to watch insects and I studied my Golden Guide to Insects faithfully. I still enjoy sitting still and watching various insects go about their business. I also enjoy taking time out to read in the middle of the day. I still have little ones so it’s more of a guilty pleasure, but I do enjoy it. I also love to swim with my children. I go down the slide and jump off the diving board (I can’t dive). Oh, and I can’t forget old Disney 100-piece puzzles. 🙂 I’ll always sit and do those with the children.


  10. This week I played on a playground with my friends. We spun each other round and round on spinning things until we squealed and screamed for the ride to stop. Last night I played killer winks with some friends in a restaurant. He he!I also like to:Swing so high my feet touch the cloudsClimb trees and delight in the fact that ‘grownups’ hardly ever look up and so don’t even notice I’m there. Suddenly I become invisible and only the birds and children can see me. :)Run towards the ocean in clothesRun in the rainSplash in puddlesHang upside downHave leaf fightsHide in enormous gardens and jump out at friends as they come pastand sometimes, when no one is looking I like to run through a big flock of birds and send them heavenward.I’m sure there’s more…


  11. play with my puppy. *grin*smell his puppy breath, let him lick my face and bite my ears, run around like crazy in the yard making weird noises trying to get him to follow…lay on the living floor and sigh happily while he "bunny hops" all over and rolls around.there is nothing sweeter than puppy days. 🙂


  12. I doodle too Violet – circles and squares – lines and lines. Especially during meetings (boring ones)I have two bottles of soap bubbles in the cupboard – it’s pouring rain right now or I’d take them out! The first sunny day I’m going to. I can see that these activities are going to give me some blog fodder 🙂


  13. Sometimes I doodle – especially when I’m expected to sit still and listen. I draw ribbons and shade them so they look three dimensional, and cartoon faces and designs that grow to take over the page.


  14. Welcome again Tammy – it has been a while – bike-riding is a good one – especially coasting downhill with your legs stuck way out in front of you. If I was really daring I would try it with no hands – a feat I mastered when I was a child – but I think I’ll just remember that feeling!!With yellow rubber boots Jodi? That makes quite a difference 🙂 The only thing better is bare feet. Reading children’s books is a long-time favourite of mine. Thanks for reminding me about watching ant hills. I had forgotten that one!


  15. Crouching in the driveway watching a busy anthill.Sitting in the children’s section at the library and reading the picture books . . . to myself.Splashing in mudpuddles during a downpour (although I haven’t done this in too long!).


  16. First off, I love the new look of your place! 🙂 I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve last been here!This is a great question, because it makes me focus on those happy things in the busyness and responsibilities of life.And it’s a sad thing when I’m finding myself drawing a blank!But I love a good bike ride, something I don’t do near enough! It makes me feel just like I did as a child, zooming along on my little bike with a basket and banana seat! :)And I love kicking back with an old movie on a rainy day!Blessings!~Tammy


  17. You’re making me laugh Ellen – ok…I’ll admit it sounds a little nervous but I’m laughing! :)Susie – it’s my favourite child-like and grown-up thing to do. I like letting the waves chase me. I love the way the waves curl up around my toes so white and foamy.Missy K – I used to wade in a stream near my house – it was so cold it made my blood feel like ginger ale.Candy…so many lovely things – I like them all. Especially the floating one – my favourite!!Thanks ladies – this is fun!


  18. I like to walk and explore new places. I like to see what is over the next hill. Picnic dinners are my favorite date with my husband. I enjoy a picnic near water, jumping in and floating on my back while looking at clouds. I love driving out to a place that is dark with no lights and watching meteor showers. I go to a park near the river and swing on the large swing while the sun sets. I enjoy looking for shells and seaglass at the ocean.I enjoy walking through the waves on shore while looking at the sand and the salty water washing over my feet.


  19. Oooohhh– on a hot day, finding a cold river or creek, and a hospitable rock for sitting, and put my feet in. Feel the current, the little smooth stones on the bottom, and just BE.


  20. We’re off soon to do my favorite child-like thing. I love to stand at the ocean’s edge and feel the waves come in over my feet. The feel of the sand as the waves rush back out again brings back so many happy memories of standing there with my Mom, my Grandma, my own children and now my grandchildren. 🙂


  21. Ok the first thing that comes to mind is playing practical jokes on my family. My daughter got this horrible life size cardboard model of Gollum. I like to stick it in the bathtub with the shower curtain drawn. Then when the kids pull open the curtain to step in the shower I hear the scream…puts a smile on my face. Maybe I had a cruel funny childhood…


  22. Crouching in the driveway watching a busy anthill.Sitting in the children’s section at the library and reading the picture books . . . to myself.Splashing in mudpuddles during a downpour (although I haven’t done this in too long!).


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