grieving. . .


 One of my daughter’s best friends (age 17) died Tuesday as a result of an aneurysm – my girl was with her when she collapsed.

My daughter and her friends have been here at our house – clinging to each other, crying, remembering, laughing and then crying again. Their hearts are so open to the love of Jesus and our hope in Him.

My husband will have the funeral on Friday. It will be packed with high school kids. She was a very popular girl – a sweetheart. She will be so missed.

Please pray for her family – her mom, dad and brother. And, if you have a few moments, I know that my husband would appreciate prayer as he ministers to a grieving community tomorrow.

Thank you so much…


28 thoughts on “grieving. . .

  1. R. says:

    ..we don’t know each other, but I came across your blog today.. I kinda know what you are going through… my son’s good friend died when they were both teenagers. keep hugging, crying, talking and praying with your is alot of pain for a teenager to have…..I have tears now,for you…. it hurts us as moms when our children hurt……does Jesus care ?…oh YES HE CARES..


  2. I’m so very sorry to read such a sad post after being away for a while. My heart and prayers are with those who are grieving. The loss of a young life is such a difficult thing to bear..((hugs))


  3. So sad, . as I was sitting in the stadium this morning waiting for our outdoor service to begin, I thought of all my blogging friends, wondering what they were facing. I am so sorry for your daughter and for the family and for the whole church community. . . .praying.


  4. shirley says:

    my thoughts and prayers are with all of your community the family of the beautiful young girl to your daughter and friends and to your hubby may God be with you all.


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