a little gem . . .


Parnassus On Wheels

How did I ever miss this? It’s the story of a turn-of-the-century bookmobile, a quirky bookseller and the pragmatic, hard-working spinster who, seized by an “extraordinary impulse”,  joins him for the adventure of a lifetime.

Now, to dream …

I have shelves full of books

but I need a caravan. 


I’ll borrow this one from Roald Dahl  – his children used it  as a playhouse and he wrote his books in it. His book, Danny the Champion of the World, is about a boy and his father who live in a Gypsy caravan.

I’ll need a horse as well.

I’ll hitch up this  Haflinger. Isn’t he beautiful?

Heidi’s Alp – One Family’s Search for Storybook Europe is a  real-life account of one family caravanning  around Europe tracing the roots of children’s books from Hans Brinker’s Holland to  Heidi’s  Swiss Alps.

No horses but still a great read.

Wouldn’t you love to do that?

What book setting would you like to visit?

Real or imaginary or both.

I would love to follow the Ingall’s trail

 and, of course, step into the wardrobe.

How about you?


10 thoughts on “a little gem . . .

  1. M and I are reading "How the Heather Looks" – which is the story of a family trying to locate all of the English story places. Quite charming. And we are on the chapter about the gypsy caravans right now too. I have "Parnassus…" on the book shelf and just loved it. :)Can I come with you in your caravan? Please?


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