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Of storing . . .

It’s that time of year …

splitting wood

We’re in storing mode.

wood splitting2

Woodpiles and gardens



All these cucumbers are staring me in the face.


They’re making me feel a little  guilty.

Only because it’s a beautiful sunny day –  23 C   (76 F)

Pickles or beach???

Hmmm …

I really think I need to store up some other things today.

Like sun and sea and sand.

secret cove
(It’s really no contest  – but just to prove I’m not totally neglecting my housewifely duties, drop by tomorrow and I’ll show you how to make Nannie’s really delicious mustard pickles.)


8 thoughts on “Of storing . . .

  1. oh goodness, the weather is bound to change and then there will be no beach days. I hope you have enjoyed the weather to the fullest and thereby feeling replenished for storing up for winter on another day.


  2. Our tomatoes are getting less pretty, and there’s less of them. But they’re still delicious. I’m going to cover them for the first frost if it comes any time soon.CasI’ll be waiting for Nannie’s recipe.


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