Island Life

Savouring . . .

The warm weather has been holding out here in PEI although a red leaf stands out here and there among the green.

Somehow these last few days of warmth and sunshine are all the sweeter because they are unexpected. We do live in the true North strong and free and other parts of this great land have already experienced … snow

But here in sunny PEI (sorry Suzanne) it is still summery and we are making the most of it!

Here are a few pictures from  the day I  played hooky from pickle-making.

Basinhead  – one of the prettiest beaches on PEI



As you can see, the beach wasn’t that crowded 🙂


But, there were a few of us playing in the waves.


It’s fun to jump off the wharf and let the rising tide sweep you  into the inlet.


Listening to the waves, breathing in the salty air, a good book
and stopping at Tim’s on the way home.
It doesn’t get much better.


8 thoughts on “Savouring . . .

  1. Oh my, how did I ever miss this post! It’s beautiful. So green and sunny still. And I can’t believe you’re still swimming in ocean. Our snow is all gone and we are having lovely fall days. Down to just above freezing at night but the days are sunny and warm. We’ve been raking and jumping in leaves. Great fun!


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