Has anyone  tried a recipe using rose hips? There are recipes online but I thought I’d ask you, my best blogging friends, first.

Rose hip tea? Rose hip syrup? Rose hip jelly?

Apparently they are very high in vitamin C. And the farther north they grow, the higher the Vitamin C content. 

Ok… like PEI north? or Yukon north? Rebecca, do you know?


8 thoughts on “recipes?

  1. candyinsierras says:

    My amazing mother made rose hip jelly,dandelion wine, homemade sausages from game and on and on. Alas, I don’t have recipes. 😦


  2. Yes, I do make rose hip tea. Oftentimes I add a few crushed rose hips to my green tea or herbals. It adds an apple-y taste to the tea and since I know it’s high in Vitamin C, I especially like to use it in the winter. I’m going to steep some tea right now — I’m feeling a tickly throat thing coming on.I need to use last year’s hips (that I had dried) before I go picking hips this fall.Jody


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