Travelling . . .

My boys, daughter in law, and the band are on tour out west. When I get lonesome for their smiles, I watch their new video.

(I’ve  just discovered that the video is only available to Canadian audiences – apologies to my American friends – you can listen to the song here.

They’re coming home in a week – I have a turkey waiting in the freezer for our belated Thanksgiving celebration. Pumpkin pie is on the menu for one boy and a new banana dessert for the other boy and his sweet wife.

It will be good to have them home. 

(Look to the right side of the picture …that’s my salad bowl, given to me one Christmas by those very boys – the rascals – I wondered why they wanted to borrow it) 


16 thoughts on “Travelling . . .

  1. Ellen – My middle boy John sings lead and Robbie my second boy sings harmonies.Thanks Lovella! I’m glad you can see the video.Thanks Susie – I love to hear them sing. Our singsongs are so much fun.


  2. Your Thanksgiving dinner plans sound wonderful :)I know you look forward to having your family back together again!You must be so proud of their beautiful music!xo


  3. Jeanne – their newest album will be available in a few weeks – It’s called chuckydanger. They think it’s much better than Colours.They have been very influenced by the Beatles also U2 and Coldplay. I love the rich harmonies.


  4. They have a great sound! They remind me of the Beatles, too–my 12-year-old son’s favorite band. I’ll bet he’d like them too. Can you purchase their album through the MySpace site too? Is that it in the left sidebar–Colours?Jeanne


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