flummoxed . . .

I am a lover of words and an English major –  (although seriously challenged by the proper use of commas and inordinately fond of dashes and  …)

However, my daughter, in the midst of an English assignment, stumped me with this one …


I had to look it up in my good friend. (I keep that site bookmarked on my toolbar for easy access.)

Do you know the meaning without looking it up? 


11 thoughts on “flummoxed . . .

  1. As a kid I had a Carrom Board which was a big wooden box with netted corner pockets. You used cues to knock markers into the corners.But I confess to usually confusing it with "careen."


  2. I will be the first to admit…that I don’t!And I also am fond of….these. And dashes. I’m trying to turn some of them into semicolons when possible–but sometimes nothing but a dash will do!:)Jeanne


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