Apple picking 2007. . .

 Yesterday, Roger and I enjoyed a morning at the local orchard. We filled two shopping bags with  MacIntosh and Cortland apples. MacIntosh for eating – Cortland for apple crisps and pies.

The sweetest ones are at the top of the tree – look how red they are.

The orchard is filled with happy memories …
Apple-picking 1992


7 thoughts on “Apple picking 2007. . .

  1. Beautiful pictures and images of fall. Your music just is so peaceful and serene..Thanks for this lovely glimpse of your world. (and thank you for your support and prayers for my Grandpa.)xo


  2. That’s it. . .I’ve been driving past the sign to the Apple Barn for days and now I have to go. I picked that last Jonagold off of our tree and its time to pick off someone elses trees.I love your memory photos.


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