memories . . .

Halloween – with an Island flavour 🙂


The whole gang at Coopers – 1992 

My apologies for the blurry picture – but aren’t the costumes cute?? It was always a challenge trying to come up with new ideas every year! Halloween in a small community was always about stopping in for a visit so the  neighbours could exclaim over how big the children were getting, and wasn’t the weather grand and/or awful depending on the season, and did you notice that so and so had all their potatoes in? Meanwhile excited little ones were waiting as politely as they could but getting more and more impatient to get to the next stop.

A highlight of the annual Halloween trek was always homemade fudge at Coopers, the general store. I’ll be heading down there this evening – it’s a community tradition that still continues.

Little ones all dressed up will be knocking on our door soon. I hope I didn’t  eat too many  – oops – I mean, I hope I bought enough of those little bars …



6 thoughts on “memories . . .

  1. Heather says:

    Sweet Halloween pictures…and I LOVE Anne of Green Gables, we had a recording of a tv movie of it that I watched everytime I was sick, it was my comfort movie!


  2. I appreciate your memories of Halloween days gone by. It has changed so much since our kids were little and the community traditions are often lost. Your picture is terrbily cute.


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