Island Life

Batten Down The Hatches . . .

Report from the Canadian Hurricane Centre

...Very large and dangerous post-tropical storm Noel forecast to cross the Maritimes tonight…

Bloggy giveaway draw takes place Sunday Nov 3 (tomorrow evening) but don’t be too surprised if there is no blog entry until Monday (or even later) – we may lose power… 
But don’t worry – we are prepared!

  • the wood is in
  • the flashlight batteries are charged
  • the gutters and downspouts are cleaned
  • the barn loft hatches are shut tight
  • the deck chairs are safely stowed in the garage
  • the bathtub and pails are ready to be filled with water
  • the pantry is full
  • and I just took a  cherry pie out of the oven. My husband ate the first piece and pronounced it delicious!

Let the winds howl

We’re ready! 


9 thoughts on “Batten Down The Hatches . . .

  1. Kathie, I’ve been watching the weather reports all day and actually all week. I’ve thought of you countless times and pray that you’ll stay safe and dry. I’ll check the weather once more before I head to bed. I’m so glad you are prepared. Even Cherry pie. What more could a man need.


  2. Kathie ~ stay safe. My sister-in-law called this morning from Conn. and said they were expecting a very bad day. And here we had bautiful sunny 60s weather in Virginia. It was so delightful that it was hard to believe you all might be in trouble from the storm. I hope all is well.


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